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AromaSutra ATTAR - BLUE | 12 ml

Rs. 699.08 Rs. 2,499

AromaSutra ATTAR - BLUE | 12 ml ( ITRA)

Roll it on, and smell the bliss! BLUE Roll On Itra will fill your life with exotic aromas of pristine nature. Made from an exquisite blend of natural raw ingredients, this 12 ml roll-on bottle will keep your senses fresh throughout the day. Its blue color symbolizes a source of tranquillity and positive energy for you and those around you. Experience the subtle and mesmerizing smell of its distinctive combination of herbs and woods that evoke magical moments! Enjoy its pure and calming scent and feel the joy of living a healthier life. Bring BLUE Roll On Itra with you wherever you go and get ready to entice those around you with its divine bliss!

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