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Mitti Ki Khusbhu ITRA | 12 ml Roll on Bottle | Alcohol Free

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Product Name : Mitti Ki Khusbhu ITRA | 12 ml Roll on Bottle | Alcohol Free

Step into the heart of the Indian countryside with AROMA Mitti Ki Khusbu Itra, a fragrant masterpiece by AROMASUTRA that encapsulates the earthy and nostalgic aroma of "Mitti ki Khusbu," also known as the scent of wet earth after the first rains. This attar is a true celebration of nature's purest essence.

Key Features:

  • Elegant Packaging: AROMA Mitti Ki Khusbu Itra is thoughtfully presented in a compact 12 ml roll-on bottle, designed for effortless and controlled application, allowing you to carry the soothing scent of the earth with you.
  • Mitti Ki Khusbu Fragrance: Immerse yourself in the enchanting scent of the earth after rain, a fragrance that resonates with the serenity and nostalgia of monsoon season in India. It may feature notes that are reminiscent of moist soil and petrichor.
  • Long-Lasting: The roll-on design ensures that the attar is applied with precision, enabling you to relish the comforting aroma of "mitti ki khusbu" throughout the day.
  • Nature-Inspired Craftsmanship: AROMASUTRA is dedicated to traditional attar-making techniques, ensuring that each bottle captures the authentic essence of the earth's scent.

Reconnect with the natural world and the memories of monsoon seasons with AROMA Mitti Ki Khusbu Itra, a fragrance that evokes the simple beauty and pure essence of the earth's aroma after rain.

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