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Aroma Firdaus Itra 12 ml Roll-On Attar by Aromasutra: Fragrant Elegance in a Bottle

Rs. 399 Rs. 2,499
  • Size: The product comes in a 12 ml roll-on bottle, making it convenient for application.
  • Type: This is an "itra," which typically refers to a traditional Indian perfume or fragrance oil.
  • Fragrance: The specific fragrance "Firdaus" may be a unique blend of scents, but without more information, it's hard to describe the exact scent profile.
  • Application: It features a roll-on design, which allows for easy and precise application to the Cloth.
  • Brand: Produced by "AROMASUTRA," which is likely the manufacturer or brand behind this fragrance product.

To get more detailed information about this product, including its scent notes and any other specific details, you may want to visit the official website of AROMASUTRA or contact the brand directly. They may provide a detailed product description and information on the scent's characteristics.

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