Therapeutic Benefits of Incense

The act of burning incense is both spiritual and potent. The admiring and entrancing aromas transport you back to times spent with the people you care about. But unfortunately, the general public is unaware of several advantages to incense consumption. To know more, keep reading. 

What Is Incense?

The term "incense" may refer to a wide variety of burnt plant materials or aromatic herbs for their fragrant or spiritual characteristics. 

Why Do People Use Incense?

When used in a religious context or with a specific aim, burning incense may serve a variety of spiritual objectives. 

For example, it is common practice for Catholic churches to burn frankincense to honour the church's patron saint. Historically, the Incas burnt palo santo to cleanse the air of negative energy. An increasing number of individuals are using this practice (however, the question remains whether we should be).

Here we want to share with you some of the most convincing therapeutic advantages of incense burning:

Raise Levels Of Focus And Concentration

Common belief has it that burning  aromatic herbs is part of a yoga ritual, but the fact is that it aids with focus and mindfulness in any situation when you feel the need to be present and attentive. Incense, for example, may improve focus when working, studying, performing yoga, or any other activity.

Advances The Energy Of Positivity

Modern research shows that the smoke from incense has significant fungicidal, insecticidal, and antibacterial capabilities, making it an excellent tool for maintaining a clean and healthy atmosphere.

Combining incense and essential oils is a powerful treatment for purging one's mind, body, and spirit of any lingering negativity or heaviness. Keep in mind that maintaining a healthy mind and body begins with surrounding yourself with nothing but clean, pure air according to aromatherapy.

Get The Creative Juices Flowing

The calming aroma of incense helps you focus on the present moment, allowing you to appreciate the splendour of your surroundings better. 

When you light some incense, the soothing scent of its botanical ingredients will wash over your senses and put you at ease. It will  free your mind to let your imagination run wild.

Solve Your Stress And Depression Problems

Some aromatherapy studies have shown that frankincense, an incense derived from the Boswellia plant, may help alleviate depressive and anxious feelings by activating the brain's less well-understood ionic pathways. 

It will help you feel happy and optimistic by replacing your negative thoughts with peace of mind and a focused intention to improve yourself.

Be Joyful And Intentionally Aware

The scent of incense smoke travels to the brain through a route activated by our sense of smell and activates the Limbic system there. This scent is a powerful mood enhancer, indicating the release of serotonin, dopamine, and other happy hormones in the brain.

Aroma Sutra incense is just what you need to get your thoughts in order before beginning your yoga or meditation practice. It will help you feel happy and optimistic by replacing your negative thoughts with peace of mind and a focused intention to improve yourself.